A Big Change

Note: I wrote this on 20130304 with the intention of starting a blog and keeping track of all my experiences. The good news is that I finally got my blog up…the bad is that it took me 5 months (well, it took me 3 days, but I didn’t start until almost 5 months after initially deciding to do it!)…and as I review my blog post, I notice that I procrastinated in it too! I’m sensing a theme :/

As I begin writing this I’m sitting in O’hare waiting on the next part of my life to start! It has been a long day. I went to bed at 1am EST after spending most of the day procrastinating by NOT packing up my life. I then set my alarm for 5am (but woke at 4am) at which point I continued consolidating everything I would take with me on a 9 month experience in Palo Alto.

So let’s step back a minute: I’ve spent my entire life in West Michigan. I was raised to be a good Dutch boy (I’m cheap…frugal if you like to dress things up a bit)…and I’m pretty proud of that fact. I’ve gotten some great deals on things, and I like great deals almost as much as Warren Buffett does! My roles at Steelcase have given me a broad base of both domestic and internal experience and have certainly broadened the way I look at business opportunities. Even though I’ve expressed interest at working within our innovation engine vs. our performance engine, it was still a shocker when I got an e-mail which asked if I’d be interested in moving to California for 6 to 9 months to launch a new venture! Almost exactly 3 months later, all my worldly possessions that I hold dear are packed and (hopefully) safely stowed in the belly of my plane.

  • My camera and tripod: I love capturing photos. They’re priceless memories, and I find the process of creating a beautiful image to be cathartic
  • My iDevices: iMac, iPad, iPhone(less about the devices themselves, and more because they provide and channel to the ever important digital-space that allows me to connect with friends and family)…plus access to the many epub books which I enjoy collecting
  • My clothes…and I have a ton of them. Hopefully I brought everything I need.

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