The Candy Man Earns 500% Profit

There’s a story that I’m fond of telling about my early experiences of being an entrepreneur. It’s filled with unfairness, flying under the radar, gumption, glee, and a sudden end to the golden times. Let’s begin!

My parents believed in a relatively small “salary” for completing chores around the house. So in exchange for doing things such as setting the table, vacuuming, and keeping my room clean, I received $2 per week in spending money. Contrast this to others in my 4th grade class who had parents that gave them $20 per week! I didn’t think this was fair, and so I set out to alter the balance more in my favor.

My mom shopped at three stores each week and purchased different staples at each depending on the coupons du jour (she was an extremely fiscally responsible women for which I admire her greatly). One of those three was our local family fare store and they stocked this wonderful candy known as Zotz Fizzy Candies. We just called them fizz candies. They were sold in individual packages but each package was loosely attached to 4 other pieces. Each individual piece was $0.02. After trying these a few times on my trips to get groceries with my mom, I hatched a plan and solicited my mom’s help: each week I would have her take my $2.00 to the store to purchase 20 “strings” of 100 individual pieces of fizz candy.

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