Two YouTube Videos and Passive Income

I’ve been thinking a lot about trying to find alternative forms of passive income. YouTube is an option, but it’s complicated to figure out how much you can make (I’ve heard different websites talk about between $2-5/100 views) because the amount is always changing depending on how many views, subscribers, and likes each video has. It does seem like one of those snowball things though: as you develop a following you’ll start to have people that will (hopefully) like one of your videos enough to watch the others. And of course, because you only have to make the video once the income is passive.

Here are two videos that I did on my last two vacations. Only the first one is currently monetized. Even though I do license the music, YouTube has flagged my video both times. I then have to dispute the copyright infringement claim (guilty until proven innocent) and wait at least 30 days before I can actually have the monetization applied.

I’m certainly not as good of a videographer as I am a photographer (yet), but practice never hurt anybody…except for that hang glider…


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